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In a place like San Antonio, TX, your AC is bound to see a lot of use, sometimes throughout the entire year. All of this usage can lead to a large amount of stress on the parts, causing inefficiencies and breakdowns. And the last thing a Texas homeowner needs in mid-August is an emergency AC repair!

The best way to avoid costly AC repair? By skipping the need for repair entirely with proper air conditioning maintenance.

At Yeti Cooling & Heating, we are leading the industry in air conditioner services. We see firsthand the difference that AC tune-ups make on our customers’ climate control equipment. And with our years of experience out in the field, we’re ready to put everything we’ve learned to work for you and your home!

Why Does AC Maintenance Matter?

Air conditioning maintenance is the simplest way to invest in the health and longevity of your air conditioner. Regular air conditioner services will extend the lifespan of your AC, increase your system’s overall efficiency, and leave you with a cool and comfortable home all year long.

​Maintenance can prevent emergencies, like system breakdowns, but it’s also effective for recognizing more minor discrepancies and getting them fixed before they worsen. And when you call us for a maintenance visit before summer, you’ll have that extra layer of reassurance that your AC will withstand all of the insanely hot weather.

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Life Without AC Maintenance

A neglected AC is an AC that will stick you with high utility bills by eating up the energy needed to cool your home. Without proper AC maintenance, your system won’t be as energy-efficient, which can cause both a temporary issue of higher energy costs and a long-term problem of wearing your system’s parts down from overexertion.

​Should the worst come to pass, and you’re without air conditioning in the heat of San Antonio, TX, you’ll be stuck in a vulnerable and uncomfortable position that’s easily avoided with a quick air conditioning maintenance visit.

How AC Tune-Ups Help

Aside from protection from the increasingly mind-melting Texas temperatures, an AC tune-up has quite a few benefits for homeowners. If you’re still not sure about the power of the AC tune-up, here are some of our customers’ favorite benefits they enjoy with air conditioner maintenance from Yeti Cooling & Heating.

​Better Indoor Air Quality

Cool air can be great, but what about fresh air? Our talented technicians are capable of cleaning the dirt and debris that can spread through your home if left unchecked. Routine AC maintenance guarantees that the air in your home stays both incredibly fresh and wonderfully cool.

​Higher Levels of Comfort

​Have you started to notice a dip in your AC’s performance recently? Is the thermostat not matching up with temperatures in your home? Preventative maintenance promises that your AC is operating at its best at all times, so you’re never left with pockets of warmer air in your home.

​Long-Term Savings

​Homeowners might pause at the idea of the upfront cost of an air conditioner maintenance visit. But when you consider the cost of high energy bills, repairs, and possibly even a replacement, it becomes apparent that AC tune-ups can pay for themselves!

​Step Up Your AC Maintenance with the Yeti Comfort Club

​One of the simple ways to keep up with your AC’s health is through routine maintenance, but there’s an even easier way: joining the Yeti Comfort Club!

With a Yeti Comfort Club membership, you’ll have access to some fantastic exclusive features like:

  • Priority service
  • Two comfort tune-ups a year
  • No overtime charges
  • No after-hours charges
  • 15% savings on AC repairs
  • 15% savings on duct cleaning

We have committed to creating the most extensive AC maintenance benefit package so that’s only the beginning! And at just $20 a month, the Yeti Comfort Club isn’t just an easy choice — it’s also an incredible value!

​Unlock Your AC’s Potential with Yeti Cooling & Heating

​When you call our AC team to get started with your appointment, you can also learn more about the Yeti Comfort Club. We provide quality and affordable air conditioner services to our San Antonio, TX, community.

​When it comes to the comfort of your home, don’t hesitate. Call the AC experts at Yeti Cooling & Heating for air conditioner maintenance.

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